Sunday, November 21, 2010

11.21.10 - BIG milestone!

This morning something was telling me...Let's just make this a lazy morning and let Liam decide when he wants to get up.  Usually, I go get him about 5:00 am for his first tube feeding, most of the time he's asleep and will stay asleep until about 7.  He was waking up here and there, but no major cries, so I let him be, while I stayed in bed to catch a few last Zzzz's.  Finally, about 6:30, I was feeling guilty for possibly missing my window for his tube feeding, so I got up and and got it ready.  Well, when I walked into his room to get him, this is what I saw.....

Yes!  Liam SAT UP ON HIS OWN in his crib!!  I know this milestone should have normally happened around 6 months ago, but we have literally been working on this with our PT and very hard on our own for what seems like FOREVER with slow progress...this is the gateway for him to have the strength to be able to crawl and develop normally from that perspective.  I was just FLOORED!  He had struggled because of lack of tummy time, low muscle tone in his chest and some sensory issues with being on his tummy and knees.  Plus, he just wouldn't stay on his tummy to do tummy time, we think because of his tube.

I'm not quite sure how long he had been sitting up for, because we haven't worked on how to get back down yet!  I did check on him about 4:00 this a.m. and he was still laying down, so hopefully he wasn't up too long.

Just can't say how proud I am of our little man!  Go Liam!


  1. awwww!!!yea Liam!! You are getting so big :)

  2. Way to go Liam!!! You will be climbing out before they know it.

  3. Nothing's Impossible!!! Go Liam!!!
    Elisha & Boys

  4. How cute!! Quite and accomplishment!! I love the look of your blog. Looking good!