Sunday, April 25, 2010

4.25.10 - Home sweet home!

We are finally home! We got home about an hour ago and the oxygen people met us here to set up the big oxygen compressor for us. It's pretty noisy... I guess I have never seen one like this before. But the cool thing is that the extension sets come in sizes up to 75 ft...that's pretty far! So right now we have it set up in the living room, but can move Liam almost anywhere in our house.

Liam seems to be very happy to be home. He is sound asleep right now, but was laughing and smiling since we got home. It is a little nerve racking to not have the monitors hooked up to know where his oxygen level is at, but he seems to be on the upside of getting over the virus. He is coughing a lot less and his chest congestion is clearing a lot better. Hopefully, we will only have to be on the oxygen this week.

We go back to see Dr Verma on Friday to follow-up and I will probably have him checked out by our pediatrician midweek sometime. What another adventure this has been! Thank you everyone for all the prayers this week!

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