Wednesday, September 15, 2010

9.15.10 - Day 13, 14 and 15...Is it really THAT time of year...already???

Ok folks.  So as the days are getting shorter, I am reminded that fall and winter are looming, the germy season is approaching, and I am supposed to be stocking up on sanitizer and battening down the hatches (when I just googled "batten down the hatches", the meaning came up as PREPARE FOR TROUBLE...Yikes!)...BUT is the season already here??  I hate to say that our "outing" Monday was to the pediatrician's office, where Liam was diagnosed with a "small" sinus infection...He threw up twice Sunday at the grandparents house and then took on a small fever...didn't really think much about the vomiting (because it was instigated with coughing, from his sinus infection) UNTIL yesterday morning.  I awoke and my first thought was, oh no, I'm pregnant!  I haven't felt nausea like this since, well...almost a year ago.  Nope, I'm not pregnant (thankfully, at least for the immediate future), but man was I SICK....yucky sick.  So Liam's trip yesterday was back to my parents house to stay the day and night, out of the path of my destruction, so he wouldn't be exposed....I am still worrying if he is going to catch it...Today, my dad woke up with the same thing I had...Oh boy...At least now I am thinking Liam might have given it to us.  Or I hope so anyways.

So our little outing adventure got a little derailed this week, or rather should I say re-routed.  I am starting to get a little nervous about catching things, but then again, if he is in daycare, well there is just no protection strong enough really.  But in a weird sort of way, I do want him to be building immunities like a normal child would do...tough place to be.  We are very blessed that his immune system has been as strong as it has been, though.  He has not been seriously ill since his surgery, and that is a HUGE praise.  Although, I think our outings are going to need some tweaking...I didn't want to pull my plan B, but Liam's health comes first.  So, in light of that, we took an evening off, snuggled and cuddled, and stayed in tonight =)


  1. Hope you are all on the mend today! It is hard trying to keep them healthy. I feel your pain. I love this time of year but I also loathe it because of the germs.

  2. Oh no! I agree, it is way too early to start all the sickness! Knock on wood, we haven't had it yet...but it is going around! Praying you all stay healthy the rest of the season! :)