Thursday, September 30, 2010

9.30.10 - Happy Birthday Liam!!

On The Day I Had You
By Tara Johnson

On the day I had you
Only God knew
The path our lives would take that day
Trying to make everything ok

They told us that your heart was sick
And surgery would be the only fix
It seemed that moment could have been a dream
Because to me, you were the most perfect gift I’d ever seen
Away you went, your sweet little face,
The one I longed for, left alone in that place
The first night without you safe in my arms,
Left us wondering, How do we go on?
But then the Lord whispered soft to my heart,
He is mine, sweet child, you must let go of that part.

Prayer after prayer, we sat and we cried
Thinking of how we were going to be tried.
Hopes and dreams we had were all gone,
Replaced by the worry and fear brought by the dawn.
Over and over, we gave you to Him
Your will be done, Lord, your hands he’s in.
Family gathered round, we waited for the news,
Of how God, through surgeon’s hands, worked a miracle in you.
Joy overflowed, and with humble hearts we praised
Up to our faithful, loving Lord, we gazed.
Amazing grace, oh how sweet it’s sound,
On the day I had you, it was surely found.

Looking back, a tough road indeed,
But we walked the path with Jesus, we chose to take His lead.
Now you’re turning one year old, and I hope you’ll see
Jesus was there for you then and always will be.
We love you little Liam, you’re the greatest gift,
Happy birthday sweet boy, praises we shall lift!

You can read Liam's full birth story by clicking here.

We give thanks and praise for each and every one of YOU who have been at our side through this journey.  May God grant peace and blessings to you all.  We are in awe at how the Lord brought us to this day, and are looking forward to walking with Him the rest of the way.

Here is a glimpse back at Liam's first year!


  1. Happy Birthday Liam! What an amazing miracle you are little man! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Liam! What a wonderful poem you wrote. I am sure you feel like I do being on the other side of the surgeries. Praise God for the miracle of Liam!