Wednesday, September 8, 2010

9.8.10 - Day 7 and 8: Cozy at Mimi and Grandpa's and then hittin the books!

Yesterday, Liam's trip was to his Mimi and Grandpa's (aka my parents house) as he will be doing every Tuesday, taking a little break from daycare each week.  My mom and dad really miss him now that they don't see him all the time, like they did during the summer.

I think they actually have withdrawals....I know Liam does.  My dad came to pick him up yesterday morning and Liam's eyes lit up so big and his smile was so cute!  He has quite a special bond with Grandpa!

Liam is getting very social and his motor skills are progressing so much each day.  He LOVES clapping his hands, and in fact will do it on command when you say "Patticake" or "Yay!"...He even does it when he is tired to try to keep himself's probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen!  He is also waving bye-bye now on command.  He has always waved his hands a lot, but just in the past couple weeks, he started doing it every time we say goodbye to someone.  Dustin has even taught his little apprentice how to turn off the light switch!  And as far as eating goes, Liam is starting to eat chunkier foods and can even handle the puffs now - He is just growing up so fast...soon we will officially have a little toddler on our soon as he learns the toddle.... =)

Today, we took a trip to our local library for some good ole quiet time.  And quiet it was, because not 2 minutes down the road on our way, Liam fell asleep.  And stayed asleep for the duration of our outing...

Our town has a lot of these statues around town, and one in front of the library.  They are pretty cool and very well crafted, but I have to admit sometimes they are in some odd locations.

My selection:
Paddington Bear by Michael Bond
All Things Bright and Beautiful by Ashley Bryan
Your Critically Ill Child by Dr. Christopher Johnson
Curious Buddies DVD

I had a Paddington bear that I remember very well at my Grandma's (Liam's Gigi's) house when I was younger.  Seeing this book brought back so many memories for me!  And the Ashley Bryan book is incredible.  The artwork is breathtaking and the message is a wonderfully written praise to our Lord.  Curiosity got me to check out The Critically Ill Child book, as it looked interesting to me...And the DVD, well we already know Liam watches too much TV.  Might as well get him something different and educational to watch! 

Did I mention Liam slept the entire trip?  Even Dustin got a little cat nap in waiting for me....

It is such a peaceful and quiet place.  When Liam gets a little older, I hope to spend a LOT more time there!

I am loving these adventures...such memories being made...I LOVE it!!

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  1. Awww! Paddington Bear! That brings back childhood memories for me too. I'm very curious to hear your review of "Your Critically Ill Child". I have heard it's good. Let us know what you think! :)