Sunday, September 19, 2010

9.19.10 - Day 16-19: Feeling better....

Last week was a little rough patch.  It's hard when our schedule gets thrown off, because it's hard to get back on the train again.  We are all finally feeling better, or at least Liam and Dustin are over there ailments.  I think I still have a few more days of recovery, now that I'm pretty sure I caught Liam's sinus infection....YUCK! 

Well, thinking back to the latter part of last week, Thursday we went by Texas Roadhouse and were going to eat dinner there, but opted to get takeout.  Liam fell asleep on the 2 minute drive over there, and I hated to wake him, knowing he probably really needed the rest.  And I decided to tweak my plan to go somewhere everyday to let Liam be our guide as to if and when we go.  His needs come first. So, Dustin went in while we waited in the car.  He also took in our Corporate sponsor information for Team Liam and told them about TEAM LIAM.  We hope to have a fundraising event with them - they are one of our favorite places to eat!

Speaking of eating, Liam is not quite doing as well as we would like.  I'm getting really nervous at each dr. appt we go to where they weigh him.  Luckily he hasn't lost any weight, but he has not gained in a couple months.  We are starting with a separate Speech Therapist this week who will solely be working with him on feeding.  On weekends, we are trying to cut out one of his tube feedings hoping he will be hungrier and eat more solid foods, but it is not working very well.  I think he has some aversion issues or maybe he is just becoming a REALLY picky eater, but I can't figure out exactly what it is.  Its frustrating, trying to navigate this...I am really looking forward to the therapy sessions.  If only, at least to get some encouragement....or a road map.

Friday, I worked late and we were all exhausted from the week AND had a big day planned for Saturday, so we stayed in and ate our leftovers =) 

Saturday was the big day, 10k/20k race at the Dallas Arboretum, the Tour des Fleurs.  We had a great time, I took stroller duty while Dustin ran the race.  We also had a few other TEAM LIAM runners who ran and did awesome!
 Our ride from the park where we parked to the Arboretum was on a school bus...Liam thought it was fun!

Liam with his buddy Amanda, one of our original TEAM LIAM runners

Amanda, Dustin and Matt - Go TEAM LIAM runners!  I failed to get one with my friend Missy, who was running the 20K that morning...they started 30 minutes before the 10K.

The starting line down below by the lake...and they're off!

The Arboretum was all decked out in pumpkins for fall.  It was so beautiful, so much to see....

 It was also extremely humid that morning and hot...

I think he was just happy to be out of the stroller for a little while!

They had all these little houses made of pumpkins...really very cool!

And with all the pumpkin watching, and trying to cool us off a bit in the a/c restroom, I didn't make it back in time to see Dustin finish his race...woops!  He finished sooner than I thought he would have, so I guess that's good for him though!

Liam fell asleep shortly after Dustin finished his race, so we parked it underneath some shade and hung out for awhile.  It ended up being a great start to the day!

And today, Sunday, we went to church.  Liam has been a few times before, and each time he gets more and more accustomed to other people.  Although, he has a tendency to babble a LOT during service, so for the most part we are in the cry room.  I like to think he has a prophetic gifting!  We love our church family and they have been so supportive to our family.  It really feels like a big family reunion every weekend.  I am so glad we are back to going again.

This afternoon, I worked steadily on Liam's birthday announcements...Yes, I am making them =)  We have big places to go this week, so I hope we all stay happy and healthy so we can visit these special people.  Stay tuned!


  1. Logan has always had an oral aversion which we fought very hard to overcome. Then after his third OHS he developed an actual food aversion and it has been a painfully slow process through therapy to get him eating more than one thing. It is tough and I feel for you. At times it can be stressful when they just won't eat. Praying the therapy helps and before you know it he will be eating like a little champ!

  2. We had an oral aversion, too. We had a speech therapist working on the eating issue with her and it did seem to help (eventually). It's can be one of those things that takes time and patience to fix, so keep hanging in there and trying different things! Good luck, pray his eating starts to improve!