Thursday, September 2, 2010

9.2.10 - Errand #1, to our favorite pharmacy!

Today's trip had to be an errand....with leaving for the weekend, I had to pick up Liam's Prevacid and get a couple items for the trip.  So, off to our favorite pharmacy we went, Walgreens.  Boy, have we made enough trips to Walgreens?  We used to go about once a week for awhile....meds, formula, name it, we've bought it there.  Neighborhood pharmacy, here we come!  Liam just thought it was the coolest thing to ride in the cart (and don't judge me, I do have a cart cover that is VERY persnickety and I didn't feel like struggling with it for such a short trip....Eeek!  I tried not to think about the germs, so please don't think about them for me!).  It was only his second time ever to be in a shopping cart without being in his infant carrier.  Probably only his 5th or 6th time EVER to be in a cart....EVER.  He was having fun!

This is how we roll, mom!

It was weird taking pictures of him in a store....I'm so paranoid that the workers will come tell me I'm not allowed to do that.  I was dissapointed that the Walgreens emblem wasn't on the cart handles for my picture...oh,well.  Only our second outing.  Surely there is a learning curve for this, right?  And I didn't even attempt to try to fundraise.  This was a practice run of sorts.  Next week, we'll get down to business and get serious!

I also have to share a couple other pictures of this evening.  I sat Liam down to play with his toys, turned around for a second, and when I turned back around to him, he looked like this...

Yes, that is a puzzle piece, he is sucking on the handle like a pacifier...What a creative son I have! 

I'm glad he is not picky on his paci' time we don't have a clean one handy, Ill just grab a puzzle piece!

And last, but not least, look at our little champ sucking away on his sippy cup!  He is really doing very well with the oral liquids.  He is hardly coughing at all anymore, and is acting like he is really thirsty a lot.  We are making progress!


  1. He looks so happy in that cart! :) He's just LOVIN the fieldtrips, huh? :) Our cart cover is awful too- I stopped taking it all together. Now I wipe the cart down if they have sanitizer available and if not, no biggie. As long as I can keep her from putting her mouth on the cart (SO GROSSS!!!) I'm happy. :)

  2. What a SWEETIE! That first picture makes me melt. Glad to see he's doing well and keeps making progress!