Sunday, September 26, 2010

9.26.10 - Countdown begins! 23, 24, 25 and 26....

Tonight's post is going to be short and simple....I have GOT to finish Liam's 1 year announcements/invites tonight to get them in the mail tomorrow!  There are not enough hours in the day!

I think we left off at Thursday...We went to the Police Department for our outing.  I was a little disappointed, as we were not greeted by any cops, which I thought we would, hence no pictures.  Boo....Oh well.  It was really just to do a nice something for them (took them a cheesecake), and obviously, they must have been busy that night =)  Did I tell you all that Dustin is taking the Citizen's Police Academy?  I am so proud of him for getting involved in our community.  We have also learned that we live in one of the safest communities around here....which makes me feel at ease!

Friday night was pretty fun.  My mom came and spent the night since we were hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law (a post is to come on them soon....she is too cute, pregnant with TWIN boys!! We are SUPER excited!) We went to this old restaurant literally 1 mile from our house called Larry's Family Restaurant.  I had always begged Dustin that we should try it out some time, as it is always packed.  And boy it was yummy!  They had old fashioned steak fingers, which are hard to come by around here anymore....and they were just like the old DQ ones, maybe even better.  And they even have a drive-thru....I think we found a new favorite place!  Liam ate SO good there too...he had apples and chicken, and ate the whole jar, plus a little bit out of another jar...WOW!  Wish I could get him to eat like that at home!

Yesterday, while we had the shower at our house, Dustin took Liam to see his aunt and uncle and cousins.  Liam always has so much fun with them!  My sister-in-law Amber, took the picture at the beginning of my post and the one below...I just thought they were adorable! 

He really looks excited about eating here...too bad it didn't last.  Dustin told me he only ate about 1/2 jar....long sigh....I know he'll get there, but it really feels like we are backtracking...a LOT.  But, you never rush a heart baby, seems to be a trend among them, that they do things in their OWN time....another lesson in patience....gotta love it!

Today was church and then to my parents house to celebrate my dads birthday...which Liam happens to share....Oh, the memories of a year ago are already flooding back.  It was this exact weekend, one year ago today that I had my last baby shower.  Little did I know Liam would be born 22 days before his due date...and on my dad's birthday.  But that post is for Thursday!  Gotta wait til then - Let the countdown begin!

****Prayers needed for a couple of sweet and precious heart babies: Baby Joshua and Baby Ewan are both having a tough time right now and fighting for their life.  Please take a moment to pray for these little CHD warriors and their sweet families.****

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