Monday, September 6, 2010

9.6.10 - Day 4, 5,and 6: Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Well I hope everyone had a nice LONG weekend.  We sure enjoyed ours!  We saw all of our SA family and had a great time!  It was Liam's first time to meet many of them. 

Liam's first visit (and our home base for the weekend) was to Nanny Schneider's house

Nanny, Liam and Freemon

 We had a little birthday cake!

Then on to see Grandpa Johnson at Red Lobster! 

Liam had never seen live lobsters....he ate some yummy Gerber lasagna instead =)

Sunday it was on to Nanny Johnson's house with all the cousins!  Actually, these are Liam's 2nd cousins I believe....

And then the drive home today....
 We stopped at the Pizza Pit in Troy, Texas.  Fancy schmancy, I know.  We had been taking back roads all afternoon to avoid traffic, and this was the place that came up when it was Liam's time to eat.  Thank goodness they were open, because we were HUNGRY!

We had a great weekend, but much too short as always.  I have way more pictures, but it's gettin late and I'm ready to snuggle into my own bed =)  Stay tuned for this week in our adventure traveling and for the new Team Liam website!

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  1. Liam looks so stinking cute!! I love looking through your updates to check out his smiling face. Glad things have been going well!!