Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4.21.10 - ICU at Med City right now....

We took Liam last night to urgent care due to a cough he developed that was worsening and causing him to choke and turn blue. From there they reffered us to take him to the ER at Childrens Plano. We were at Childrens Plano for a few hours and on request of our cardiologist was transported via ambulance to Medical City PICU for monitoring. Liams sats had been sitting in the 50s and they were concerned his shunt wasnt functioing right. We stayed overnight last night and Was scheduled for an echo this morning. The Echo went good.... The shunt is clear and working well... We just need to get Liam off the oxygen in order to get him home... He is at quite a high amount right now so could take some time...won't know for a day or so if he has an actual respiratory infection... We are praying the Lord is working it out for us as we speak! We beleive in Jesus name he will be healed of this and there will not be a delay for his surgery that is scheduled for next Thursday! Will keep everyone posted!

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