Thursday, April 1, 2010

4.1.10 - April is here...

So, I'm blogging from my phone app... They have an app now for everything it's weird! I just hope no one calls me while Im writing because I'm pretty sure it doesn't save it unless I post it!

Liam is what I call "sleating" right now...we put him to bed about 7:30 or 8 and give him his last bottle via tube at 8:30 or 9...he gets to eat and sleep at the same time - I truly envy him sometimes. He continues to eat well at his meal each day - we are on to carrots tomorrow night and I think Im gonna try adding a meal of rice cereal in the morning and see how he does. This feeding thing is really fun... It's kinda what you always dream of when you were little and used to play house and had a baby doll to take care of (at least for girls). Feeding the baby doll was important and probably the best part. Just funny how it's still like that for me! Except Liam is real and yes, it is real food we give him. And I digress...

Well all is quiet here tonight, Dustin is at Winstar with the guys and I'm at home listening to Liam sleat while I blog. Tomorrow is a day off for me so Liam and I will get to spend the day together...LOVE love love me days like that! And on the agenda tomorrow is finding a great Easter outfit for some family pics on Sunday!

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