Thursday, April 22, 2010

4.22.10 - Another night....

Still at the hospital...Liam is finally sleeping peacefully right now. They actually had to increase his oxygen to 3 ltrs. a few hours ago. He kept desatting into the 40's and 50' s and taking awhile to recover. But hopefully they will drop him back to 2 later tonight as he sleeps since his sats do really well while he's asleep. Overall he seems like he feels better. We got some smiles out of him today and this afternoon he hasn't been quite as fussy as he was yesterday. His cough seems to be improving slightly and they are going to have a "CPT" come in to help loosen up his chest congestion every few hours... Of course the first time they came tonight Liam had just fallen asleep... Go figure, so I told her she had to come back later. Just have to tell em how it is around here sometimes!

Needless to say my expertise at becoming a hospital mom is improving. It amazes me the amount of wisdom the Lord provides you and you don't even realize it until you through the storm and the dust has settled!! I'm learning to recognize it a little sooner this time around :)

No definite news as to when we get to break out of this place, but I told the nurses Id rather be here too long than too little. In all honesty, Id rather deal with this here than at home. Sooo, another night with the monitors and alarms is worth it to me! And with that said Im off to try to get some sleep :)

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