Wednesday, April 7, 2010

4.7.10 - Midweek update

So I finally have a few minutes to spare to update the blog...I meant to post over Easter, but had such a relaxing weekend, time slipped by me!

Easter weekend was great - Dustin and I were able to go to church, thanks to my dad keeping Liam for us. Then we headed over to my parents for an early dinner and a photo shoot in the front yard - I think we got some pretty good shots...

No, I was not able to find a cute Easter outfit. I am limited to shopping at Target now because it's close by and not crowded if I have to take Liam with me...Unfortunately, for the first time, I was disappointed in the selection.  Usually Target is my staple...I can always find something I love.  Maybe next time...

Liam had a pediatrician appointment on Monday - His 6 month well check!  I can't believe he is that old already - it's crazy!  He weighed in at 16 lbs. 12 oz. - which is in the 50% percentile!  He was perfectly average, as his percentiles for length (26 inches) and head circumference were exactly at 50% too.  I'd say we are on the right track...couldn't have picked a better one! 

In talking with the pediatrician, I decided to play it safe and stop oral feeds for Liam until after his surgery.   I know, my motherly worries got the best of me, but I feel like this is a good decision.  Even though the swallow study indicated he was OK to start solid foods, its is still possible that he could aspirate, especially given his history with it.  What concerns me is that he has started getting a slight "seal" cough, that sounds a little chesty.  He started this a few days after we started the oral feedings and although it hasn't seemed to get worse, it definately isn't really going away or improving much.  Just to give background information, should Liam be aspirating, there is a high risk for what's called aspiration pneoumonia, when the aspirated particles get infected in the lungs and cause breathing difficulties/coughing/fever, etc.  This is very serious (potentially life-threatening) illness, especially in heart babies because it limits their intake of oxygen, when it is already at a very low level.  The pediatrician said it was most likely not aspiration, as his lungs sounded very clear.  However, she said it was fine to play it safe and not worry about the oral feeds right now.  I know too though that allergies have been rampant the past couple weeks, so hopefully this is the cause of the cough and not the food.  But I am a "play-it-safe" kinda person, so I think we'll sit this one out and pick up where we left off after his surgery.

We hopefully will get to finally meet with a speech therapist tomorrow.  Thankfully, our insurance approved us to receive in-home visits for physical therapy.  She will be working on Liam's upper body and core muscle building as well as feeding issues.  I am hoping this will also help prepare his body a little better for surgery too.  Needless to say, I am very anxious to hear what she has to say and what her plan of treatment will be for him.

And last but not least, we meet with the cardiologist for his monthly check-up on Friday.   With the surgery scheduled for the end of the month, we have plenty of questions for him! 

One last note before I hit the sack...I don't think I've mentioned it, but I am training this year to run the half-marathon at White Rock this year.  I have never attempted to run more than 1 mile at a time my whole life, so this should be interesting.  I am up to running 2 miles officially today!  A couple coworkers and I are diligently training and also holding eachother accountable to run every week.   I am wanting to run for a cause though, so I may get with our Amazing Little Hearts support group and see if we can't get a group together to raise awareness for CHD's and run for little hearts everywhere! 

Goodnight everyone!  I leave you with some random pictures that were too cute not to post

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