Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4.21.10 - Waiting for the virus to run it's course...

Liam was moved to a regular pediatric room about 5 this evening. My mom was here while I went home for a bit to get a couple hours of sleep and pack up some stuff for the hospital. Dr Verma came by while I was gone and said Liam does have a virus and we just have to let it run it's course and let his oxygen sats recover before we can go home. He seemed pretty certain we have nothing to worry about. My mom said he did not say anything about this delaying his surgery, so that is great!

Liam has been very fussy while he has been here... We think he is uncomfortable with the oxygen in his nose and just probably doesn't feel good all around. He finally fell asleep about 30 minutes ago, so I hope he gets some much needed rest tonight.

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