Saturday, April 24, 2010

4.24.10 - Minor setback...

My mom stayed at the hospital last night with Liam so I could go home and get a good nights rest. Liam is still doing about the same. When I saw Dr Verma yesterday he said he would be fine sending us home with oxygen. He said he would still like Liam to get a little more stable here first though and have a few more "CPT" treatments (where they basically pound on his chest to loosen up congestion). Dr Verma thinks Liam will only need the oxygen about another week or so and that he should be getting better by then.

Last night though, Liam vomited after his 9 pm feeding and then two more times after both his morning feedings. I have not seen Dr Verma today, but Im assuming this is going to set us back a bit on being discharged. My mom said after he threw up his sats went way low and took awhile before finally leveling out. Both times Liam had coughing fits right before, so I'm guessing that is what's causing it. They still have him at 3 ltrs. of oxygen .

I was telling my mom that I am comfortable having him here as long as it takes to get him better. I am a little worried about taking him home on oxygen, because basically it will be up to our judgement as to when and how often Liam needs it. I just have to trust that the Lord is there to guide us and to listen to Him when He is prompting us to act.

Hopefully Dr Verma will be by again this afternoon so we can talk to him about the minor setback we've had.

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