Thursday, April 22, 2010

4.22.10 - Still at Medical City...

Liam is doing about the same today - not much better but not any worse either. He is still on 2 liters of oxygen... They have not started weaning him down yet as his sats are still fluctuating too much. He is asleep right now and his sats always get a lot higher when he is resting. They did an x-Ray of his chest this a.m. which came back clear and normal. Dr. Verma did say that his surgery will be delayed and postponed until he is over this medoimmune virus. They had mentioned it may be pushed back 4 to 5 weeks possibly. We were not happy to hear that, but trust that it is in God's hands and His timing is always perfect.

Will post more tonight - thanks to everyone for your continued prayer, love and encouragement!

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  1. Our prayers are going up! Thanks for doing such a great job with keeping us updated!
    Love you guys!
    Chuck & Brenda