Sunday, April 18, 2010

4.18.10 - Time to get moving!

So, I think this is the longest time span of not posting on here...sorry bout that.  I have been feeling a bit under the weather the whole past week, so I'm amazed I had enough energy to get through the basics of my life.  I think I had an upper respiratory infection of some sort.  I went to the doctor on Thursday to get some antibiotics because it was not going away on its own.  I was a living posterchild for fun.  And now I think Liam may have caught it, which is not good, especially being 1 1/2 weeks before his surgery.  I have him on every natural remedy I can think of...Please Lord take care of this one for us!!  Luckily he is still sleeping at night and his cough does not keep him up or sound too bad yet. 

Anyways, needless to say a lot has gone on in our world since the last update.  2 Thursdays ago, we met with the Speech Therapist and it was a really encouraging meeting.  She basically asked us a lot of questions and then watched me feed Liam.  She was very surprised and encouraged by the way his voice sounds given his vocal chord issue and also how well he is eating and still sucking on his pacifier.  She said that was a huge piece of the puzzle that he already has mastered.  Score 1 for Liam - YAY!  She told us to keep doing what we are doing and that she will get a plan going to hopefully get him eating everything by mouth. I am back to feeding him everyday with her approval.  He seems to be liking it =)

The cardiologist appointment with Dr. Verma on Friday also went very well.  Liam is ready to go for surgery and we got a lot of our questions answered.  Liam's weight was up to 18 lbs. already and his sats were also reading higher, at 82.  But Dr. Verma did mention Liam was starting to look a little more blue around his lips this time, and he thinks the timing is perfect for the surgery.  I am so thankful for the team of doctors we have working with us on this.  They have been so helpful, encouraging and supportive.  We will meet with Dr. Mendeloff, the surgeon, the day before surgery after the do the heart cath.  Oh, and I did nail down what the name of Liam's corrective surgery is Complete TOF Repair - the website link has a great summary of what the surgery will involve.

Last weekend Dustin's dad came in for a visit from San Antonio.  It was great to have him here and get a picture of 3 generations of Johnsons

We are hoping Liam is well enough to go to our family reunion down in San Antonio in June.  It is a long standing tradition for us and Dustin has only missed going once his whole life.  It really is a great thing that his family takes part in and I hope we can continue to make it a tradition in our generation and Liam's.

I can't believe Liam's surgery is coming up on us so fast.  Dustin and I made the decision to stay at a hotel nearby the hospital the first night of surgery, just so we could stay late if we wanted and not have to fight Friday morning rush hour to get back to the hospital the next morning.  Everything seems to be all set to go.

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