Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12.1.10 - Heart Cath Tomorrow

Liam has his heart cath procedure tomorrow.  We had a check up with the pulmonologist Monday and Liam's lungs sound clear and he is good to go....the waiting will finally be over.  Hopefully this test will tell us that his heart can wait for another surgery for awhile.

Meanwhile, tonight is full of preparations for tomorrow's events.  The cath is scheduled for 11:00 am and then Liam will stay overnight in the hospital tomorrow night for monitoring.  I've been so busy lately that I haven't really started getting nervous until tonight....Liam has only had one cath before this one and it was the day before surgery, so it wasn't one that was going to tell us anything new, really.  The cath doctor already told us that if there is a problem with his valve, because of the location of the narrowing, there is really nothing he can do in the cath to fix it.  The only thing we may have on our side is time.  And time is what I am praying we least as much as possible.

We did manage to get in some silly moments tonight....

This is one of Liam's (and mommy's) favorite laundry games (I had to get creative when he wasn't mobile to take him with me WHILE getting the laundry put away!).  I take the laundry to our rooms with Liam in the basket too....

I push and spin him around in it and he just giggles and giggles! Such a silly boy we have! 

I'll keep everyone posted tomorrow as the day progresses...we really appreciate all the thoughts and prayers!


  1. Sending hugs, thoughts and prayers to all of you for a successful cath today for Liam!

  2. Logan loves to play that laundry game too. Of course he is getting a bit too big to carry around but he still loves it when I push him across the carpet while making car sounds. Too cute!!

    We also had only experienced one cath prior to Logan needing the same one you guys are having. It was definitely scary to think about. Saying lots of prayers that they find that Liam has plenty of time, just like Logan, to grow and enjoy life as a toddler before needing another surgery! {{{HUG}}}