Monday, December 13, 2010

12.13.10 - Christmas parties and SANTA!

This past weekend was a FULL one to say the least!  After Dustin and I got married, we began a tradition of having a big annual Christmas party each year for our family and friends.  We actually started it as a birthday bash, since Dustin and I are one day apart, December 9th and 10th, but we didn't want people to feel like they had to bring gifts, so we changed it to a Christmas party instead.  Last year, after Liam was born, we decided not to have our party for obvious reasons.  This year, we had it planned before we found out about Liam's surgery...I was SO close to cancelling it again this year...but we decided to go ahead with it and send Liam to stay the night with my parents.  It was hard for me to get in the spirit this even get motivated to do all the food and decorating even.  But it did help give me something else to focus on and a night that was truly a lot of fun!  I'm glad we went ahead with it, as it gave us time to spend with our friends. 

On Saturday, our Amazing Little Hearts Support group had their annual Christmas party and that was a lot of fun too!  We met some new parents and Liam got to see Santa for the FIRST time!  Yes, and it will be the only time this season unfortunately, so I'm glad Santa was there!
Liam was fine at first....not so much after a few minutes!
Liam with Dr. Mendeloff (Dr. M), our surgeon

Liam continues to do well...healthy and happy on the outside.  Some people have been asking us about his helmet recently.  He grew out of his helmet, so they approved us for a second one.  The cranial people still think his head could be a little more round in certain spots, so they felt like continuing treatment would be the best option.  We had measurements taken last week and he will get his new helmet on the 22nd, just in time for Christmas! 

I am doing my best to stay positive, (and busy!).  It is very different with this surgery approaching.  I feel very numb in a sense to everything.  Like I'm getting hardened by all of this, and I'm not sure I like that.  Everyday I realize new things about myself and how I cope with stress and difficult times and I wonder how it's changing me...some days I see clearly how it has already changed me, but sometimes I worry about it.  I think it's really this time of year on top of it all.  I don't want to have a "one year ago today" story during the holidays....But I am trying to see the blessings of having it this time of year also, which there are many.  We are blessed to have it sooner, rather than later, to have family here from out of town to support us, to be able to enjoy Christmas at home with our family before, and to be that much more thankful to God for giving us the greatest gift ever known to man...Jesus.  

Lord, guide my heart tonight into your peaceful presence, Your Christmas spirit.  Be enough for me and fill me with expectant joy of the promises you have given.  We thank you for being our one and only Living Father who gave away your only Son for our salvation, because of your true and endless love for us.  Bless all of those who pray for us and support us on our journey.  Amen.


  1. If I could reach through this screen to hug you I would. {{{HUG}}} I feel for you and I can so relate to heading into another surgery during the holidays. It is hard to get into the spirit and enjoy things when your brain is still stuck in "pre-surgery" mode.

    I agree. This journey changes most of us in different ways. You find yourself feeling numb to certain things. I believe it is your own way of surviving and protecting yourself. This life isn't always easy. I wish there was something that I can say to make you feel better about all of this but I understand fully well that sometimes there just aren't any magic words.

    Just know that I am praying for you guys and thinking about you! IF YOU NEED ANYTHING please e-mail me. I'd be more than happy to leave you my cell number too if you ever want to chat.

  2. I'm so glad you guys went ahead with your party! I know how having an upcoming surgery looming it's easy to let it consume your life, but for own health and sanity you have to still "live", ya know? :) Keeping you all in our prayers with Liams upcoming surgery!!