Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update - Recovery

Liam is back in the unit in recovery mode. He is off the ventalator but is having some respiratory distress/issues. They are trying to keep him sedated enough to stay calm, but awake enough to breathe on his own. His breathing is heavy and labored right now and he also has stridor and some partial lung collapse in his right lung, but thankfully he has held his own so far. We are praying they can keep his meds at the right mix to ease his breathing and stay off the vent.

Thank you for all the encouraging messages - we thank everyone for your prayers - we are praising God for a good surgery and are trusting Him for his plan for us this week.


  1. I am sorry that Liam is having a difficult time with breathing. We have dealt with the stridor breathing several times. It is a bit scary watching them struggle to breathe like that. Saying many prayers for all of you.

    I wonder if they will try to give him heliox. It helps the oxygen to easily pass into their airway making it less harder for them to breathe. Logan needed that after his second surgery when he was in distress.

  2. Praying that his breathing straightens out soon. It's such a fine line when it comes to sedation for these kiddos. I'm so glad the surgery went well and will keep praying for a smooth and swift recovery.

  3. Praying his breathing settles down and for a smooth recovery. Get some rest too. You will need it to keep him in his hospital bed!