Monday, December 27, 2010

12.27.10 - Post-Christmas and Pre-surgery

We had a wonderful Christmas.  It was fun, relaxing and Liam received WAY too many toys thanks to our super-generous families!!  In fact, yesterday was spent going through all his old toys to separate the keepers from the donaters...I think there were probably way too many keepers, but the donation stack is still impressive!

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents house with my brother and his family, my aunt and our Gigi.  Liam loves having a lot of people to entertain...He is definitely a big ham when it comes to attention.  Christmas day was spent at our house with Dustin's sister and her family.  All the kids had a great time opening all the gifts and playing new Wii games.  We also gave lots of rides in Liam's new Radio Flyer wagon...what a hit that was!  Inside rides, no less, as it was a brisk 40 degrees here (sorry for those of you who received snowstorms for Christmas!). 

Today Liam had two appointments - Synagis for the 1st and helmet check for the 2nd.  The pulmonologist cleared him for surgery and said he sounds great.  We are to continue the breathing treatments through surgery day and beyond if possible.  Liam is much more relaxed now with the treatments, which is good.  His second helmet is still plain white and will remain unpainted until after surgery...just easier to clean without paint on it.  His head is already started to change again within the short week he has had it.  I'm hoping he can wear it a good bit in the hospital, but we won't push anything.

And tomorrow is pre-op at MCCH.  We go in at 10:00 and then have a meeting with the surgeon in the afternoon.  I am a little confused at what all they will be doing tomorrow, since last time he had his cath the day prior to surgery...I guess they will just be taking his vitals and history....?  I am anxious to meet with the surgeon, as we have not discussed the actual plan of surgery yet.  As far as I understand, Liam will be getting a new pulmonary conduit and valve and a different type that what he has now to see if it works better (lasts!) than the one they used previously.    And we will also find out WHAT TIME surgery will be....It's seems strange that I don't know this yet....But I believe they said if there was a younger baby that needed it, they would be first and us second. 

This time around is a little less planned out than before, which is good and bad for me.  Good because I am an OVERplanner anyways, so knowing every little detail months before doesn't help me worry less.  I actually handle stress better when it comes quick - less time to think about it and respond I guess.  This time just feels very different that the last surgery...I don't know why I keep comparing them...I guess that's all you have to compare it to though.  My outlook is brighter - Liam is healthier, bigger and stronger than he was the last time which hopefully will make recovery time easier.  But, he is much more aware, MOBILE and has a more defined personality this time...which is going to make some things much more difficult.  

Well, I could go on and on forever about all the thoughts bubbling around in my head right now.  I'll post details from tomorrow's happenings tomorrow night.  I am really feeling hopeful and anxious in a good way for Wednesday.  I just want to get it behind us as soon as possible so we can pick up where we left off and get on with our blessed life together!!  I'll leave you tonight with some holiday photos!

****Prayer request:  Please pray for our little heart friend Tucker (Liam's heart roomie) - He is currently battling RSV and a bad respiratory infection and is in the hospital.  Pray he regains his strength so he can go home soon! *****
Liam loving his new Radio Flyer wagon!

Mr. Sewious (yes, we watch a lot of Wonder Pets!)

Opening a gift with Mimi

Funny how the wrapping is more interesting than the present inside!

More presents!

Can I go play now?!


  1. Liam is the cutest little thing! I'm so glad you all had such a wonderful Christmas.
    We will definitely be praying for you all for Liam's surgery. I know how hard it is to have to do it all again- (((((HUGS))))
    Keep us updated if you can!

  2. Such an adorable little guy Tara!!! Glad you had an amazing Christmas. Saying many prayers for pre-op and the actual surgery ahead. It is easy to compare old surgeries to new surgeries because we tend to focus at times on where we have been rather than where we are going. Of course it is hard to blame us since we feel blind most of the time going into the unknown. Why not compare to what we do know right? However each surgery is different especially as they get older. I think when Logan was an infant the recovery was harder on all of us. It got easier as he got older because it was easier to figure out his needs and entertain him better with movies/toys. The most difficult part for me was handing my CHILD over again. Not just my newborn baby that I hadn't had the chance to know yet. This was the child I had hugged, kissed, laughed with and had enjoyed so many things with. It's just different. I felt the same as you during Logan's last surgery. I just wanted it to finally be over with.

    Praying!! Let me know if you need anything Tara!!

  3. It looks like he had a wonderful Christmas! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers as you head in for another surgery.

    Have a happy, healthy New Year!