Sunday, December 5, 2010

12.5.10 - Team Liam Marathon!!

Team Liam 2010 Runners (left to right) Dustin, Brandon, Tara, Anna, Eric, Matt, Missy, Amanda, (Candy - not shown)
Today was the event we had been preparing for for the past year...Marathon day! Or half-marathon day for most Team Liam runners.  It was a HUGE success and our runners all did great!  The jerseys turned out fantastic, so we were able to wear them proud and spread awareness of our cause amongst 22,000 other runners that participated in the Dallas White Rock Marathon this morning.  They had both a Boston-qualifying full marathon and also a half-marathon.

We had nine runners total, including Dustin and myself.  One runner participated in the full marathon and was seconds away from qualifying for Boston!  Go Eric!!  The rest of us did great in the half, finishing with personal records and many were first timers, including me!  The event was such an awesome experience...I teared up a couple times during the race, just thinking about the race like our journey through Liam's CHD and what we were really running for.  It was such a great end to a weekend shadowed by recent news of an upcoming surgery.

I was able to document my run of the race through Facebook today on my phone, so below is my compilation of my post from there so you could experience the journey with me!

At the start...We all had different pace times, so many of us started in different waves.  This is Amanda and I waiting (for almost an hour since we were pretty far in the back of the line!) for our turn to start!

Post on FB at Start: 
"Team Liam 2010 is about to take off!!! Pray for warmer weather this morning! We going to the start line now...let's rock the Rock! Go Team Liam!!"

Post on FB at mile 3: 
"Just passed mile 3"

Mile 5 marker....came quicker than expected...which was a GOOD thing!  It was chilly, at about 38 degrees for race time.  I ditched my hat and coat already, as I was getting warm!  The streets were lined with everyone's jackets, gloves, hats, etc that they no longer needed.  These items get donated to the shelters and go for a good cause!

Post on FB at mile 5: 
"Oh ya I started at 9:00... Doing pretty good'!!"

Post on FB at mile 6.5 :
"This is an awesome experience...I'm gettin emotional .... Mile 6.5 cause is so special,..I love you Liam...Go Team Liam!"

Mile 8 - Started loosing track a little of what mile we were on!  This is the point were I started feeling a little tired!!  My legs started getting a little heavier and pace slowed a bit.  By the next couple miles, I was getting pretty sore.

Post on FB at Mile 10:
"Mile 10... I'm hurting... I want to quit.. But CHDs run 24/7...I'm keeping on to win the fight, to spread hope, awareness and to find a cure!!! Go team liam!!"

The race ended at 13.1 miles....I made it in just over 3 hours, which was better than my goal time of 3:30.  Yes, I had not done a lot of training, so I walked a lot, but was happy that I made it to the finish!  I was in tears at the end, as Dustin met me with open arms and my medal...Finished at last!!

Post on FB after we made it home:
"Finished! About 3 hours ago :) Dustin had a 1hr 52min, my time 3hrs something....glad we all made it safe and sound!! Thanks to all our Team Liam runners: Amanda, Candy, Eric, Missy, Matt, Brandon and Anna -Yall ROCK!!"

What an amazing experience.  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends who committed and ran for our cause!  Our fundraising for The Children's Heart Foundation has also been a HUGE success.  Right now, including offline donations not noted on our giving page, we have raised over $8,000!!  We have until Christmas to accept donations, so I'm excited that we may reach our goal of $10,000.  I have been overwhelmed at the support of our loved ones, friends, corporate sponsors and many others who have financially supported our cause.  We send a big THANKS to all of you!

It has been a great day...And it couldn't have been better timing.  Although I may not be able to walk tomorrow =), it was 100% worth it.  We love you, sweet Liam....You are the greatest blessing and we would walk (or run!) a million miles for you ANY day!!  Thanks again to all our runners and supporters!  Go TEAM LIAM!!


  1. AWESOME job Team Liam! What a great accomplishment! :)

  2. {{{{HUG}}}} I just got all caught up on your updates from the past several days. I am sorry Tara that I didn't get to them sooner. I had my hands full. I am so very sorry that Liam needs surgery so soon. I am sure that is very upsetting. I've been there and it is extremely painful when you hear the word surgery again so soon. Especially when you were not anticipating it at all. It's like having the rug ripped right out from underneath you. Know that I am praying for you Tara and here if you should need anything....someone to vent to, cry to or just need someone to cheer you on. I'm that girl!!!

    Congrats on your marathon. GREAT job!!!