Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just went back to the OR...

Liam went back to the OR about 20 minutes ago.  They said the surgery would probably take about 5 hours.  I am suprised at how non-emotional I am today - they did give Liam some Versed to help calm him down, so that was good.  He was in good spirits this morning and very happy, despite his early morning wake-up call.

We still haven't met with the surgeon, he is supposed to come by any minute.  But we feel comfortable doing this again.  We spoke with his assistant and she said they would be replacing his homograft conduit with a Contegra conduit.  This one is supposed to function well in cases where the homografts have failed in the past.

I will keep updates going as much as possible today.  Thank you all for your prayers!


  1. Saying many prayers right now for a successful surgery Tara. We had the Contegra conduit the first time and received a homograft the second time. It is crazy to think that the Contegra is a cow's jugular vein. Amazing the things they have to help these kids.

    Will be watching for your next update and continuing in my prayers for Liam!!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Stefenie and just spent some time catching up on your sweet little boy.

    My son, Ethan, was also born with pulmonary atresia. He had the full repair (homograft placed) at 3 days old and it failed 6 months later. It was replaced with the Contegra Conduit at that time and has worked great! We're about 16 months out from that surgery and the surgeon hoped it would last a total of 4-8 years! Of course, I say all that knowing we have a cardio check-up in two weeks and he could need surgery next month ... but you know how that goes :)

    Praying all goes well today and thanking God for the peace you feel!

  3. Sending prayers your way. Liam will do great!

  4. Prayers for Liam and for your family.