Thursday, December 30, 2010

Morning update

Liam continued to improve overnight. He did sleep for a couple of 2-3 hr stretches, so we both got some much needed rest.

The plan for this morning is to pull his chest tube and catheter, start dialing down on the meds and possibly start tube feeding some pedialyte. They are also starting him on CVP treatments and IVP (if I heard that correctly) treatments for some lingering respiratory issues. They said his xray this morning showed his left lung has some areas that still need to expand more. All in all his breathing is much less labored and strained than from last night and his sats are better. They've dialed him down a couple notches on the big "oxgenator" too. He is now on 12 liters from 14. I think we are in the clear from having to go back on the vent...Praise God for his mighty work!!

Doctor hasn't been by yet, but if there is more to update than I gathered from our nurse I'll post again this morning. Although I feel I may have my hands full soon with a cranky child!

Oh and Liam turns 15 months old today! Happy 15 months little man...boy how you have grown! We love you so much!!


  1. Way to keep the Faith Tara! You are doing an amazing job...Little Liam is so blessed to have you as a Mom! :) - Jeanette

  2. Happy 15 months Liam!!!

    I am so relieved to hear that overnight things got much better. Praying that today is an even better day for all of you!!

  3. That is SO great about not being on the vent!! Amazing!

    Hope y'all can get some rest throughout today as well. Happy 15 months, Liam!

  4. Happy 15 months Liam! Hope you were able to get some rest today. Praying for a quick recovery.

  5. I just finally got time to check in and read back through all the updates. I had been thinking so much of Liam and am so glad to hear the surgery went so well and he is recovering well! We will continue to keep him in our prayers!

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  6. We just got back in town. We will continue to pray for Little Liam and for rest for you and your family. I am so glad to hear of his progress. Love and hugs to you and Liam!