Thursday, December 16, 2010

12.16.10 - Yogurt mohawk

Things have been relatively quiet on the homefront.  Something I long for in busy times like these. We've just been enjoying this time with Liam and family before the end of the month when things will get crazy again. 

I realized a few weeks back when Liam would only eat yogurt, that yogurt makes, of all things, natural hair gel!  So, the post for tonight is a compilation of last night's evening at dinner....the yogurt mohawk!




Get it good, mom!

Ok, not quite as fun as I thought....

There's a smile!  Our little ham!

 *****  Prayer request please!  A little heart hero, Mason, just had his BT Shunt surgery last Friday and is still having a lot of unexplained pain and distress.  Please pray they find the source of his hurting, as it is wearing on his momma and family to see him in so much pain. *****

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