Friday, October 9, 2009

10.09.09 - Sunshine on a cloudy day

Liam is my sunshine on this cloudy day! He had his chest lines removed early this afternoon and he has been doing wonderfully all day long. They are letting me hold him now for feeding! It is so great to be able to hold him again. However, mom is not an expert by any means on feeding him...He did not eat very well for me for his first feeding this morning. His second feeding was not any better, so the nurse stepped in and helped me out - He ate his WHOLE bottle with her help!! I was so proud of him!! I am determined not to go home with a feeding tube, so today was a huge milestone for us.

It is great to be a part of his routine again. Slowly the nurses are letting me do more with him now that IV's and things are slowly coming off. He is even down to one fluid through the IV now (he started with 12 different fluids!) I am more excited to get here every morning to see how he is progressing, and every late night phone call to the nurse just gets me even more pumped at the progress he is making. Despite our little feeding setback, I think we are on our way now.

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