Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10.06.09 - Good Night my Little One...

Liam has had a really great day today.  He was awake for a while this afternoon, but content and happy.  He even had a few bouts of the hiccups which is a good sign =)  It was so great to hear his little sounds again.  I really miss his little noises and whimpers.

They started him on a "food"  IV this afternoon to get him more nutrition than just the saline/sugar drip he had been receiving.  They even said by tomorrow morning they expect to maybe be able to start bottle feeding - so exciting!  He is also getting his chest drain removed hopefully tomorrow as well. 

I was thinking earlier today about Liam's scar on his chest and how blessed I am to have had a little boy.  How awesome it will be for him to show off that brave scar he has!!  I know at the beginning of my pregnancy, I was convinced I was having a girl.  But just as God always does, He gives us what was purposed and what He knew we needed, even when we had no idea what lie ahead. 

It is going to be a GOOD night =)  Thanks be to GOD in the Highest!!


  1. Amen!!! And what a beautiful child!

  2. Tara, Dustin, and Liam:
    We are so thankful that Liam is here and doing well. You all have been in our thoughts.
    It is absolutely amazing how the doctors were able to find the problem so fast and go in immediately to fix it. Although I was born with my heart problem, I was 20 before they found it, and then it still took 12 years for them to diagnose it correctly. So many things could have gone bad for me, but luckily the right doctor found it just at the right time. Coincidence maybe...but I know that God is the reason that it was discovered. He is great, and he protects his flock. Liam is a special young man that God is watching over. His scar will be proof of that, just as mine is to me.
    Please know that we are here if you need ANYTHING! You all are in our prayers and thoughts. We love you and can't wait to meet that beautiful little boy. God bless you all...especially Liam! :)