Sunday, October 4, 2009

9.30.09 - The News...

Around 10:00 pm, a NICU nurse came to speak with us about Liam's status. I of course thought they were going to tell us they just needed to keep him until the morning, but that everything was still fine. Well we received the shock of a lifetime as the nurse carefully explained that the heart murmur was pretty significant, and they had reason to believe with the testing they had done, they Liam had "multiple" heart defects that would need to be corrected with surgery as soon as possible.

The nurse went on to explain that they would be transfering him to Medical City as soon as the cardiologist arrived from there and reviewed his report for confirmation. The nurse just told us that Liam was not able to produce sufficient oxygen to keep his body alive right now, and they believed the heart defects were to blame. I immediately started panicking in my mind as I knew our whole life's course had just been drastically changed in the matter of seconds. It was amazing to me how God quickly reminded me that despite the plans we have for ourselves, he is in control of everything. It is always been an enormous leap of faith for me to surrender parts of my own life to the Lord, but when I was faced with putting my child’s life in his hands, I can’t even describe the feeling. “I know the Lord has purposed this for His glory…” I kept trying to tell myself, but honestly, I was scared and hurting because all I wanted to do was see and hold my son to comfort him, but I couldn’t.

The nurse told us after the cardiologist arrived, he would review the reports and come discuss what the plan of action was. About 12:30 am, the cardiologist (Dr. Amit Vermer) arrived and came to our room to discuss the defects he saw. His final diagnosis is called Pulmonary Artresia with VSD (ventricular septum defect). The website links show pictures so you can see where Liam’s heart is different from a normal heart.

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