Friday, October 30, 2009

10.30.09 - Good Report

We had a follow-up appointment today with our cardiologist, Dr. Verma, that went really well.  Liam had an EKG, and echo-cardiogram and his oxygen saturations checked. Dr. Verma said that everything looked really good and the shunt is working just fine.  Liam weighed in today at 8 lbs. 3 oz., up 7.5 oz from Tuesday!  He is growing so fast! 

Liam has been awake more and more lately...Like right now as I type this, he usually would be asleep, but is wide awake.  Although I think part of this is the diet he is on - formula fortified breastmilk makes his tummy very bubbly and I think it bothers him a lot, but he has to have the higher calorie in order for him to gain weight.  Dr. Verma said since his heart is using more calories than normal babies, we have to compensate for that.  I have already changed the formula once, and may be looking to change again if he doesn't seem to tolerate it any better.  Poor little guy, I know he is uncomfortable.

This has been a long week of adjusting to home life.  It is so good to be home, but honestly I had a couple breakdowns this week as I realized the tremendous amount of responsibility Dustin and I have in caring for Liam.  I am frustrated and terrified at times because I feel so unprepared and inadequate.  Thankfully the Lord gave me opportunities to build my faith and encourage me.  The Lord keeps reminding me that he appointed me for this job and he will equip me with whatever I need to carry it out, I just need to trust Him.

On another note, the accident Dustin was in couple weeks ago ended up totaling out our car...SO, we get to go car shopping tomorrow.  My parents are coming over to watch Liam and I know my mom is so excited to play dress up with him.  Liam has a couple of cute halloween outfits she is anxiously awaiting to deck him out in.  I'm leaving her the camera, so we'll see what happens!

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