Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10.20.09 - Organization is the key

Liam is doing great today - a little more awake and verbal than he has been in the past, but doing great. My day here basically consists of changing diapers, getting his feeding ready, holding him while he eats, going to fetch his next meal (i.e. pumping =)) and trying to get things taken care of and down a bite to eat in between. Whew....I am starting to get a little anxious about going home. Lots to do and organizing a routine and game plan is going to be the key to my sanity...hopefully!

Dustin and I and my parents are all taking a CPR class tonight. Definately a must have course especially now our little one has a good chance of possibly needing it some day. Going to make it a long night here though...and I am already exhausted.

Everything still looks good to go home this week. I am going to run some errands tomorrow morning and indulge a little and get my hair done before Liam comes home. I am sooo excited that we are days away from starting our new family life together at our home!! Should be a WONDERFUL weekend!!


  1. Hi Guys,

    Nick sent me your blog today and it's great to hear Liam is close to coming home! I know it's been tough but it sounds as if things are headed in the right direction. I have a nephew who had a similar surgery as a newborn and now he's the scrappiest guy on the block. Let us know when you're up for visitors, we'd love to meet the newest Johnson!!

    Greg & Cheryl

  2. I'm glad he is doing so well! It is hard to be a mom in the NICU, but you are doing it beautifully. You will be surprised at how much easier things are at home. I know it is hard to imagine. I couldn't picture it and I'd had two babies before my NICU stint. Praying for a smooth week for all of you!