Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10.21.09 - What lies ahead...

Today was a busy day - getting ready for tomorrow night when we will room in with Liam and finally go home Friday!  YEA!!

Liam had his circumscision today.  Glad we got that out of the way.  Poor thing, luckily he took it very well and was not even really fussy afterwards.  We also received the home equipment that we will be using to feed him with.  I got a mini crash course in how to use it.  Thankfully, tomorrow I will have some feedings to practice with while the nurse is there.  SO much information to remember!  I hope I can do this!

The rooming in should be interesting.  We basically stay in a hospital room with one twin bed and a chair and Liam's crib.  We are assigned a nurse who is there to answer questions (or if a problem arises) and I think she checks on us every four hours or so.  But we are responsible for caring for him like we would do at home.  Liam will be fed every 3 hours on the dot.  We have to maintain the same schedule that the doctors have him on.  I am curious to see how this all pans out....With me having to pump and feed him (his feedings are given over an hour time period), I think my days of sleep are over...but I guess that is normal for any new mom come to think of it!  Dustin and I will start our stay at around 8 pm tomorrow night and then go until they discharge us on Friday, assuming all goes well.  I can't believe it is so close!!  God is good!

Today while driving to the hospital, I had a sweet moment in the car with the Lord.  I was listening to my usual Power FM and I truly felt God was in the car with me!  He was reminding me of how far he had brought me in my life, how He had led me to the exact place in time that I stand in right now...this whole time preparing me and encouraging me for what lie ahead.  He reminded me He is always with me.  He spoke to me about feeling anxious for the future with Liam and He told me "I am the same today as I was yesterday and will be not worry!  I will be there for you like I have always been in the past, for my love for you, my child, is unconditional and unchanging".  Thank you Lord, for reminding me of how far I have come, and how far I can go with You by my side!

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