Monday, October 12, 2009

10.12.09 - Back in the NICU

Yesterday was moving day again. Liam moved back down to the NICU from the Cardio Unit upstairs. This is a good thing, as now all we are waiting on to go home if for him to eat. He is still having some trouble getting all that food down at once. They only give him 30 minutes to eat whatever he can and then it's down the feeding tube for the rest. And on top of that they bumped up his feeds again to 60 ml....

It's a little frustrating not having him at home. I feel like sometimes this place is stressful on him, and if he were at home he would be doing fine, and like normal babies, be able to feed on his schedule and get enough nutrition that way. But I know that they just want him in the best shape possible before he goes home too, so it's just been kinda hard.

I did try to breastfeed him the first time went ok, but not sure how that's gonna work. I have a lactation consultant coming in today to help, but right now my only focus is to get him eating well enough on the nurses books to let him go home....I think however we can keep him eating, the better.

I have so much to be thankful for right now, so it's hard when things get a little discouraging. But Liam is a little champ, everything with the surgery turned out textbook and he is healing great. We are down to the last stretch here, so pray for Liam to EAT!


  1. Hi Tara!

    My husband works at CCA. We've been praying for Liam since his birth. Our hearts have been broken that you've had such trials with your first tough. Praying that the Lord would encourage your heart today and that Liam would be a champ eater!


  2. Hang in there! Will all praying for Liam (and you) I suspect a voracious appetite is in the near future. Love y'all,
    Marvin, Lori and Katelyn Holland