Thursday, October 8, 2009

10.08.09 - Two steps forward, one step back...

Had a small hiccup in Liam's progress today...He had to have a feeding tube put in so he could finish his afternoon feeding and to make sure he can get it all down now. He was trying so hard to suck all his food down, and the nurse (bless her for her patience!) was trying to wait it out as long as she could, feeding 1/2 the amount at once and 1/2 a little later so he could rest in between. But the surgeon came by this afternoon and ordered for him to have the tube....Sad news, poor little guy.

Luckily, they will still bottle feed him what he is willing to take and then feed him the rest through the tube. His tummy is just really small right now, so hopefully a few more feedings will help stretch it to where he will be hungry enough to bottle feed the whole amount soon.

The forward steps made today was the nurse finally got an IV line in, which means they can take out the IV wire lines that are in his chest going to his heart and possibly take out the arterial line (BIG IV in his forearm) soon after that. They also were able to turn off his little incubator heater since he has been maintaining his body temperature on his own. The more stuff that can come off him, the better!

Every day is getting better, I often think of how our life will be after the hospital and I get so excited. We are slowly, but surely, making progress for that to finally be a reality=)

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  1. Hi Dustin and Tara! Keep focusing on the future because he is our future!! It will be so fun to have him in a normal setting. I am so sad for you to have to go through so much but so happy that you have such a great medical team. God Bless You! Love, Eric and Mandie
    I hope I choose the right profile-no clue!