Tuesday, October 27, 2009

10.27.09 - Growing boy!

We are so glad to be home. We finally have down a routine with feeding and all the normal baby stuff, so it feels really good to do our own thing with Liam. It is still a learning experience with him (as I'm sure it will be for the rest of his life!), but we are doing the best we can and I think it's working well. It is still a little overwhelming and scary at times to know the entirety of what we are responsible for, this little life of his is in our hands! It is a faith walk everyday for the Lord to calm my spirit and give me peace and strength to do the job He appointed me to do. But the Lord has blessed us with a wonderful little boy, as he sleeps a lot, fusses very little and I would guess he would sleep through the night as I have always had to wake him to do his feeda at night and he is as content as can be. I don't think we could ask for anything more right now!

We visited the pediatrician today for the first time. It was our first official little outing with him. My dad came up to help out since Dustin is now back at work. The appointment went really well, I think Dr. Bain is going to be a great fit for Liam and his needs. She says she deals with a lot of special care kids, and she feels completely comfortable caring for Liam. She already increased his feeding amount and just told us he needs to grow a bit more, but all around he is looking very good! I am just happy we got out of there without him peeing on someone or something as he had to have his diaper removed a couple times!

I also learned today that it takes me longer to get Liam ready to go somewhere than it does myself! And for those who know me well, that's a good chunk of time! I knew from much advice to always pack lots of changes of clothes and plenty of diapers and wipes so that's all I really went with! Thankfully that is all he needed for today's excursion!

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