Thursday, October 22, 2009

10.22.09 - Roomies at last!

We are all finally together for our first night alone as a family!  Well, there are still nurses around and we are still at the hospital, but reality is slowly starting to take over.  And of course, I am not taking everyones advice of sleeping when the baby is sleeping (Liam is sound asleep right now, and so is Dustin not to mention!)...I think I am too anxious to sleep. 

We just finished his feed not too long ago and I think we did ok.  The equipment we will use at home is not like the equipment the nurses use here, so that took a little adjusting to figure out how its all going to work.  At 11:30 the nurse is going to come back to show me how to do a sponge bath around his scars, since the bath was the only thing I never saw the nurses do because they do it late at night.  We also have to practice putting his tube down again...They make you do it twice.  I think it's only fair that Dustin do it this time!

It's a weird feeling to know that tomorrow we will be leaving the hospital and closing the chapter on this part of our life.  This place has literally been our home for the past 3 weeks, and as excited as I am to finally be going home, a part of me will miss it here.  We had a lot of memories in this place, a lot of pain, but also huge triumphs.  I caught myself a couple times already glancing upwards towards the monitor that is no longer there and reaching for the cords that are no longer attached.  I feel a little uneasy to leave the comfort of hospital care, of the peace and reassurance the people here can provide.  But the Lord needs to be that for us...and I know He will be.

Well, I may try to take a little cat nap before the routine starts over again soon.  May the Lord watch over us and give us peace for tonight!

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