Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10.06.09 - God Shines His Light on Us

It may be gloomy and rainy outside today, but inside the Lord is shining His light and glory all over our room with little Liam!  The first 24 hours after his surgery have gone extremely well and he is well on his way to being healthy again.

He had several IV's removed already and the biggest news is as of 11:00 am this morning he is off the ventilator!! PRAISE GOD!! I truly believe the breath of God is breathing into Liam's lungs to make them strong - What a mighty little warrior for Jesus he will be with the breath of God in him!

Needless to say, today is good! We have been blessed and God is moving mightily in our little one!  As I sit here watching the rain come down outside, the Holy Spirit is filling me with a sense of purpose in all of this.  I have since recalled several "miracle moments" that God had purposed so that Liam would be safe and in His hands:

The biggest miracle of all is defiinately the time of his birth - Liam was born ONE day premature....This was the ONLY reason the NICU staff was standing by to check him out after he was born.  Had Liam not come when he did, his heart defect probably would have not been discovered until much later, if at all.  The artery they kept open for him closes in most newborns after 72 hours of life...Which he would have been home by then on a normal circumstance and could have gone into cardiac arrest at home with us...Praise God for His perfect timing!

Liam's size and weight were very healthy for being early, which increased his chance of having a good surgery.

Liam was able to start feeding from a bottle once he arrived here at Medical City.  The nurses were telling us usually babies with heart conditions have to be tube fed and do not get to be bottle fed before surgery...causing them a more diffcult time feeding afterwards.  The nurses said he should have no problem being breatsfed because he has already had time to learn the suck, swallow motion right away.

There are many more things that fell into place just right, that other people might just consider to be coincidence, but I know the Lord orchestrated in our life to be where we are today with him. 

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