Monday, October 19, 2009

10.19.09 - Learning to be a mom

Today was a non-eventful day - and I am really starting to like days like today!  Liam was as much a normal baby as the next, crying when his diaper needed changing or just to be held.  It's nice that I think I am finally learning who my child is - I did pretty well distinguishing what he needed today.

Being a first-time mom, and despite the circumstances, it has been interesting to "learn" to be a mom in a hospital environment.  You have a check and double-check for everything you do.  They have him under a microscope, and not to mention probably have me under one to as far as what I do with him.  And those monitors he is on....boy am I gonna miss those things when we go home.  I tried hard today to just look at Liam to see how he was breathing and what sounds and gurgles were "normal" according to the monitors.  Over the past few days, I actually found an interesting trend related to his behavior and the oxygen saturation level on the monitor.  Whenever he makes his litttle bear "grrr" noises and sighs, his oxygen level actually increases quite significantly for about 30 seconds to a minute.  I started really appreciating those little noises, because for me, they now represent an indicator I can use to listen for him at home. 

I also got to insert a new feeding tube today.  It was more scary for me than I think it was for Liam.  God bless our nurse - she was so calm and encouraging -she walked me through the whole experience (yes, it was an experience, one that I hope to not have to "experience" again though!).  I feel pretty confident that I know how to check the placement and in the event it comes out, put it back in.  Thankfully they are ordering us some of that extra sticky hospital grade tape for his face, so hopefully we can make this tube stay in as long as it can!

We are praying that Thursday will be the day we take him home.  Doctor said today that if things go well today and tomorrow, we can room in with him Wednesday night and go home Thursday - my actual due date!  I can not wait!!  It will be so great to finally start our normal family life together...whatever that will resemble!


  1. See I knew you could do it! (it is scary for the first time though, you're right-the tube thing that is, the mommy business is equally challenging sometimes, I'm starting to wish mine came with an instruction manual...)We're very proud of our little bear making it through, our thoughts and prayers are with you all to make it home safe and sound.

  2. Way to go Tara! Seems like you are developing super-mom skills, which are more effective than any electronic device :)

    My prayers are with the three of you.