Thursday, October 8, 2009

10.08.09 - Time to Eat!

Liam is doing so good this morning...He is really being a little champ. The surgeon and nurses all met this morning for a little meeting right when I got here, so I got to overhear his progress from a medical standpoint...which means I didn't really understand a lot, but the reaction of the surgeon sounded very positive. The biggest news is he is still bottle feeding, which is GREAT - no feeding tube yet. YEA!! They said he has to eat at least 40 cc each feeding or the remainder of it has to be fed by tube. So far so good this morning, he just finished his 40 for the 8 am feed. Now he is sound asleep...

Speaking of eating, I just ordered my breakfast from the hospital. Up in the cardio unit they put me on the meal plan where I get 3 meals a day here for free. It is really great and definately helps out. They deliver it right to the room, so I don't have to be away very long. It's been nice not having to plan meals and the food is actually quite good!

Today is my first day here by myself. Dustin had to go back to work today - I am trying to text him all the little milestones when I can =) It must be hard for him to not be here...we were getting used to coming here together everyday. He is going to be here on his lunch break and then after work, so at least he can spend some time with Liam everyday. Liam just adores him...and so do I!

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