Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6.1.10 - All is quiet on the homefront...

Liam is sleeping peacefully, little does he know what is to transpire through the week. Poor little guy. Sometimes I wish he were older so at least I could explain to him what will happen and he could be breaks my heart that he has no idea. But it also makes me feel better knowing he won't remember any of this either. Or at least, that is my prayer for him.

Well the vomiting came back at his 5 pm feed...He seems perfectly fine otherwise. His 9 am and 1 pm feeding went fine, so I don't know what is going on in his tummy...I am praying his next couple feedings go fine, so he can be rested for tomorrow.

Anxious is all I can say right now...I tried watching a CHD awareness video today that a lady from my online support group had made...big mistake. I quickly turned it off, thinking, what are you doing?? scary thoughts almost ran rampant in my brain. I guess I didn't realize it would be "that" kind of an awareness video...about her personal experience. It's just I know that all my emotions are right below the surface and I am terrified they will just pop up unexpectedly and I'll lose it. I know I will be OK and I know the Lord's plan for our family is to give us hope and a future...I just pray my earthly self will align itself with His word and not my own.

Lots and lots of prayer tonight...along with the packing =) Packing prayer!

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