Sunday, June 13, 2010

6.13.10 - Peaceful Sunday morning

It is a quiet, peaceful Sunday morning here at the hospital. Liam has been sleeping really well, the nurse and respiratory therapist had to wake him both for his treatment and nightly x-ray last night. He is still asleep... :)

They started his feedings last night. He is slowly working up on volumes on a continuous feeding regimine. His mucous now is thicker than it has been, and we did have a short period early this morning (before his resp treatment) where he was de-satting into the mid to upper 80's for a unknown reason...I have my suspicion that Liam has a milk allergy that causing his mucous to be thicker. The resp therapist even said it was thicker than it was for his previous treatment that day. I told the nurse this, and we are monitoring it. His sats have been fine since then, maybe 1 or 2 % lower than normal for when he is resting...we will see how today goes.

Well I am going home for a little while today to spend a little R&R time with the hubby since I haven't had much time to spend with him since I've been staying nights up here. I am also going to try to finish up my thank-you paper bouquet for the nurses...I had to keep adding more flowers since our stay here has been extended! Thank goodness we have had some of the same nurses multiple times, otherwise my bouquet would have turned into an arrangement!!

More posting later - hope everyone has a blessed day!!

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