Friday, June 4, 2010

6.4.10 - Need your prayers...

Ok we are in need of some serious prayer. They took Liam off the ventilator about noon and it's been a hard fight for him ever since. He started desatting back into the 50's and couldn't recover. His little lungs were working so hard. The nurses have tried every procedure to try to get him to oxygenate better, but a recent x-ray shows his left lung has fluid in it and is not pumping air. Right now they are putting him back on the ventilator...

That said, this afternoon has been difficult to watch...Liam has been crying and not settling down. He has had numerous oxygen masks, cannulas and air tubes on and off his face, which he does not tolerate very well...we just need some prayer right now. I tried to prepare myself for the ups and downs we were probably going to experience, but it still hurts when the down times hit.

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