Saturday, June 12, 2010

6.12.10 - Hooray for poop!

So Liam did it.  He finally pooped.  It took the hand of a skilled nurse (who I'm assuming got the short end of the stick), but he finally went.  It wasn't a lot, which was good, but now at least they can start feeding him...again.  As Liam's body starts returning to normal, I am thanking God for the prayers he has answered and for some normalcy again, even if we are still in the hospital.

Not much going on today, as weekends are usually pretty quiet around here.  Liam did get a few more special beads for his Beads of Courage chain.  I'll post pictures of them tomorrow.  Liam also had his first post-op smile today - granted it was while he was sleeping, with his pacifier in, but nonetheless it caught my eye and made my day.  Oh the joy!

I'll end with some pictures from this morning.

Liam and me...our sweet time together this morning.

Monkey is still working overtime to help Liam sleep easy and cuddle between his arms while he's on his side.  He also helps to hold that paci in!

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