Tuesday, June 1, 2010

6.1.10 - Time together

Liam and I are spending the whole day together relaxing and playing - and I am snuggling with him every moment I get...I won't get to hold him very much (if at all) this week and that is going to be really hard =(. The heart cath is scheduled for 11:00 am tomorrow morning and then the surgery sometime Thursday morning. It is a little surreal that his surgery is finally here...We have waited 8 long months for this moment and I think we are ready...Couldn't say that for sure a month ago, but now it seems the time. God knows what he is doing!

Speaking of 8 months, that is how old Liam is now! I can't believe it - boy, how time flies!! Other moms tried to tell me how supersonic speed time goes by when you have kids, and they sure are right! Liam is growing bigger and getting smarter each day...he is developing so fast right now too...crazy the things he picks up quickly and just starts "doing". Like throwing a ball back to me in playing catch - I'll try to post a video of this tonight as it is pretty amusing - he is really good at it!

Liam has had a little problem with some throwing up lately...not quite sure why. Most of the time it is when he is awake and moving around a lot while he is eating when it happens. It is a lot better if we can get him to nap while he is eating so he stays calm. I know his tube is a big component to that, just something that a lot of tube kids experience I guess, as well as some normal babies too as my mother explained =) Not too worried about it as it is not happening every feeding and is not a significant amount as far as volume goes. Just doesn't make him very happy and creates more laundry for me =) Just hope it doesn't become an issue after surgery...

Stay tuned...a LOT more posting to come this week!

The LORD bless and keep you, may His face shine upon you and be gracious and give you peace. Numbers 6:24

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