Friday, June 4, 2010

6.4.10 - A bright beginning...

Liam had a good night and is recovering very well this morning. They turned the ventilator off about an hour ago and they are hoping it can come out soon. The nurse did say it is possible once it is out they may have to put it back in because of his vocal chord paralysis. We do know that the left vocal chord is still good and functioning, so that is encouraging. They won't know how the vocal chords will cooperate together though until they remove the tube. But as far as his lungs go, Liam is able to breathe on his own right now and is taking all of his own breaths.

His temperature got under control last night but they did start him on another antibiotic just in case. They also did some lab work to rule out the possibility of infection. We will not get those results for another 24 hours or so though. He is also still on all the pain meds and IV fluids for now. No word on when feedings will start again, I'm thinking maybe (hopefully) tomorrow.

Liam will also get another blood transfusion here shortly. The doc just came in and said he was slightly anemic, which is normal after undergoing OHS. This will be the first one he will receive post operatively, and hopefully the last :). He will also most likely be placed on an iron supplement for a while too.

Today has been a little harder because Liam has been awake more. When he starts moving around you can tell he is uncomfortable. He can't make any sounds yet, so when he goes to cry you only can see it in his face... It's heartbreaking for me everytime he does it. But the nurse is monitoring his pain level and "movement" very well and has given him doses of sedation as needed to get him calm and relaxed again.

All in all, Liam is a little champ and I am so proud of him. Please keep praying for a smooth recovery for him.


  1. we'll keep your little trooper and you guys in our prayers.Love you
    Rios Fam.

  2. So happy for you! Been following your story and praying for you. You have many others doing so for you as well. I think Dr. M used to practice in Minnesota before Texas. You'll have to ask sometime! Blessings from up north, Annamarie, heart mom and the Saarinen family (Eve, Elle, Jack and Paul)