Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6.15.10 - Spoke too soon...

Setbacks. A seemingly endless trend with us and hospital stays. So Liam had another minor setback today, which will keep us here at least another day...not sure how long because they don't really know what is going on.

His oxygen levels overnight while sleeping were low 80's upper 70's for the most part. A few times last night, for no apparent reason, his sats would drop to mid to low 70's and then take awhile to get back into low 80's again. I wasn't too concerned, but I have had a lingering feeling ever since I found out we were probably going home today that something did not seem right. Could never put my finger on what was bothering me. Dr. M had assured me again yesterday that mid to low 80's was ok for Liam right now and that he would eventually get stronger and better. Well, it seemed to me like Liam was steadily (slowly) getting a little worse. His upper airway seemed to sound the same (very congested, phlegmy and coarse) regardless of the treatments and suctioning and the treatments didn't really help him saturate any better than before. When Dr. M came by today, he asked me what I thought of everything. I did mention the milk allergy as a possibility and that maybe we should try the soy formula becuase the milk could be an irritant for him. He agreed, so we are trying the soy now. Other than that, I told him I don't really know but that he seemed to be getting worse in my opinion.

The good news (I'm so glad there is SOME today!) his x-ray showed no signs of anything going on in his lungs, which further indicates this is purely an upper airway issue. I asked to see if we could have the ENT come by to take a look. The nurse told me she would "pass the information along" to the doctor. When the respiratory therapist came to do her treatment, we discussed possible reasons for the low saturations, and she thought of the milk as an issue too, and thought Liam may be silently refluxing...she, too, said she would let the doc know. We will see where that leads...hopefully this is as simple as a formula change. That would be wonderful if that's all it takes.

Needless to say, it has been a frustrating day. On top of everything, it seems like we have a whole new staff of nurses and floor docs to deal with who don't know Liam or his history very well. I am thankful they listened to me about the soy though, even though I still have my doubts as to that being the root of the problem.

Sorry if this post is everywhere, my brain is a little scattered right now. There are so many possibilities in my mind of what this could be. With all the changes they have made trying to wean him off everything, who knows. I just have to keep reminding myself that God does not waste time or moments. He is calculated, precise and exact in all things. I know even this minor setback, is purposed for something, and I am thankful we are still in the hospital and not home trying to sort all this out. So, calling all prayer warriors...keep them coming!

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