Wednesday, June 2, 2010

6.2.10 - End of day 1...

Mentally, physically and emotionally I am spent right now...and it's not even surgery day yet.

Liam has had a little bit of a rough recovery from the cath. He is still on 4 liters of oxygen and had to undergo a steroid shot and breathing treatment for some respiratory issues. The nurse said it's common to have some lung congestion after anesthesia, so it's nothing to worry about, they are just monitoring it to make sure he is getting enough oxygen.

Liam has been very uncomfortable, irritable and just not's really hard to handle sometimes because I just don't know what he needs and how to help him. Liam is a very easy baby at home, so this took a toll on me today...I'm exhausted in every way possible!!

We finally got a feeding of pedialyte in him about 6:00 pm and right now he is taking a small feed of formula with some more pedialyte. I'm glad he is able to hold something down, because I really think he's just been hungry all afternoon.

Oh ya, we did meet with Dr. Mendeloff (Dr. M) and he said everything should go perfect tomorrow. Basically, as we were told before, he will put in a pulmonary valve and conduit, close his VSD (patch the hole) and then remove his BT Shunt. All in all the surgery should take about 4 hours. They will put him on the heart-lung bypass machine and he will be intubated (ventalator). They did not see anything from the heart cath that is concerning or suprising, so the repair should be straightforward. After surgery, Liam will go to the heart unit in the PICU for a few days, and then to a normal recovery room before we go home.

Today was pretty difficult for me. Liam had me worried for awhile when it seemed like he was not recovering very well. If this is any gauge on how tomorrow will be, I'm scared. I really don't know how the Lord's gonna pull me through to be strong....

I pray tonight for our little Liam. May the Lord keep him warm and safe in His hands. Blessings for Dr. M and all the doctors and nurses whose hands will be with Liam, that the Lord guide them and give them wisdom. Above all else, we pray for God's will and the strength, wisdom, peace and courage to carry it out in Jesus name. Amen :)

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