Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6.9.10 - Change of plans...

Well the plans changed for today. We have a new doctor and NP on the floor today, and the new doc, Dr. Flanning, thinks that Liam's lungs are in worse shape than orginally suspected. He wants to give Liam at least another day on the vent and do more aggressive repsiratory therapy - he is basically treating this as if Liam has pneumonia. The lab results came back and did indicate an infection - as the white cell count was high and his vent tube tested positive for bacteria...Not great news, but I am glad they are taking a more cautious approach. Liam will also keep receiving the strong antiobiotics he has been on, as well as the steroids. Good news is, it sounds as if the swelling has gone done in his upper airway. They can tell because it sounds like he is snoring on the vent now. This means air is escaping around the tube, which is a good thing. Dr. F said he would also like a day to get to know Liam and his history before he decides any extubating plans.

Liam's mood is getting a little more irritated. They have had to sedate him a little more to keep him from thrashing around. He is starting to have moments were he wakes up suddenly (for no reason) and thrashes around for a minute and then calms back down...I hate that he has to take more sedation medication, but then again I would rather him be still so that the vent tube doesn't cause anymore damage. Who knows what damage it has already caused with him being intubated this long and extubated a lot.

We did receive some great news on the research front for Liam's heart condition. Dr. Verma (cardiologist) was telling me this morning that Children's hospital in Dallas is starting to test catherized valve replacements in children. This is a huge step forward in the medical field that might possibly allow Liam to forego any future open heart surgeries. They would do the valve replacement through a heart cath, with no need to open the chest.

All in all today should be a somewhat quiet day for us here. I'm going to try to do a post later today about a special program they have started here for cardiac kids...Just haven't had the time to get the post together yet!


  1. Tara it was great to see you today and finally see precious Liam! He is a cutie! I look forward to visiting him when he is full of energy after you guys are settled back home. I continue to follow your daily updates and think about you often. Your attitude is very inspiring! Hang in there!

  2. It is always great to get a fresh opinion from the new doc rounding. Sometimes having a new set of eyes to look at things can make all the difference.

    Praying for Liam's continued recovery and for a perfect extubation plan.