Sunday, June 6, 2010

6.6.10 - Day of rest

Liam had another good day of resting today.  Nothing too exciting to share, which is good news in itself.  He did have one of the two oxygen sensors from his forehead removed and they have started slowly weaning him down on the vent and decreased his oxygen intake by 15% today, 5 at a time.  He is also up to his full feeding amount on the continuous feed, at 40 ml per hour.   His respiratory treatments went to every 3 hours from every 2 as well.  He is doing really good so far, just taking things slow.  He was a little more wiggly today during his respiratory treatments. 

And for those of you interested in "poop" (you know who you are ;) ), I am a little concerned since he has not had a BM since Monday....I did talk to the nutritionist today and she confirmed that my feeding regimine was appropriate for what his needs are and that the "issues" we are having with lack of BMs is normal and that they can do things for him here to get him "caught up" again...Will keep everyone posted on this, since I know people love to talk about it...who doesn't right?  Can you tell it's been a slow news day around here? LOL!

It may be Tuesday before they try to extubate him again, which is fine with me.  I'd rather take time and take things slow to let him get where he needs to be.  I am anxious for tomorrow because all the doctors will be back evaluating his progress.  Weekend visits are usually MUCH shorter and more brief, so I'm looking forward to what the week brings for us....hopefully by the end of it we'll be back home again =)

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