Thursday, June 10, 2010

6.10.10 - A new day, a new plan...

The plan is to keep Liam on the vent for another day in order to get his lungs and airway in the best shape possible. The challenge for the docs today is how to get him awake enough to start taking breaths on his own but sedated enough to not be squirming around a lot. Their plan for that is to put him on a different sedative and wean him from the one he is on now (on Midazolam now going to Ketamine for those of you who like medical terms). Dr. Fanning thinks this is the best approach considering how squirmy he has been on his current sedative (midazolam). I feel like he is taking a good approach and I feel very comfortable with the plan.

No poop last night or yet this morning. They are continuing to give him the Miralax. I forgot to mention on my posts that they have suspended his feedings because his system was lagging behind with all the sedation. As of Tuesday morning, he has just been on IV I'm sure that's not helping things.

From a heart stand point, Liam's heart is great. He is healing from the surgery as expected and Dr. Verma said he couldn't be more pleased with how things went as far as the heart goes. We just have to get over this hurdle of the ventalator and then we should be good to start preparing to go home! Keep the prayers coming!!

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