Saturday, June 12, 2010

6.12.10 - In my arms again!!

I got to hold my baby for the first time in over a week this morning!! It was such a sweet time...he just slept in my arms for an hour. Pictures to come soon!

Liam is doing great still. The plan today is to get him to poop. Once he does that, things can really start moving along. He just had his 4th or 5th dose of Miralax and 4th bottom pill, so hopefully that will do it. If not, they will have to give him an enema or a shot to get things moving. I told them to do whatever is necessary...but hopefully this dose of meds will get it going.

Last night went well. Liam slept pretty sound and I was able to sleep in two or three hour increments at a time, which is good. The nurses have been really great about keeping hands off as much as possible, so they try to only do things when he wakes up on his own.

I'm going to try to post some pics later today :)

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